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9.24.14- It all started from snapchats of our Caribbean Cruise from ‘09! Made plans to catch up, and i got to use O’s friends Disneyland Pass. LOVE ALL THINGS FREE LOL

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This was seriously the best prank

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9.16.15 - Took Mother to Cafe Maji today. Super cute, but not impressed with the service since they gave is the BBQ Chicken instead of the Bulgogi Quesadilla!

Also saw Kelly, my old boss. Eep.

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9.14.14- 626 Night Market with the girls and it was so fun! Literally every stall we peeked at, switched turns buying foods and got to try so many things.

Top 2 favorites were the Cheesy Pork Buns and Sticky Rice Burger… YUMMAY.

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9.9.14 - HyperLapse of flying through the clouds. Window seats are the best!

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9.8.14 - Voodoo Doughnuts can now be crossed off my Foodie Bucket list! Monday morning in Denver, and got a jelly filled delight. I made the dude pick out another voodoo doll doughnut that was “cuter”. K got one on the house!

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My life’s motto.

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